Restaurant Ubhar

The Ubhar brand, design and menu was developed to revive the riches of the lost city of Ubhar, located at the southern end of Oman in the Rub Al Khali, the Empty Quarter. From 2800 BC to 300 AD, Ubhar was a city said to rival paradise, and prospered for over 3000 years on the trade of frankincense.

The restaurant was launched in January 2009 in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall to to bring the best of Omani hospitality, art and culture in a unique and modern setting. Ubhar successfully established a niche market of clients ranging from tourists, young Omani professionals, and local expatriates.

Ubhar presents a modern alternative to the traditional settings with a vision to take Omani hospitality to new heights. From service staff, to interior design, uniforms and menu that serves fused traditional dishes that have never come out of Omani home kitchen.

Modern Hospitality Company LLC

Modern Hospitality Company LLC was established in April 2008 with a vision to take “Omani Hospitality to New Heights”. The company was formed out of the passion of the three siblings Qais, Faisal and Ghada Mohammed Al Yousef, for everything that is Omani. The first restaurant concept was created in partnership with Thomas Klein International, and was launched on 18 January 2009 as the first Omani fusion restaurant that presented Omani cuisine in a modern setting.

As Managing Director of Modern Hospitality Company, Ghada created a menu that captured the taste buds of both Omani and international clientele. The menu and decor received local and international acclaim for its unique and modern approach to Arabic cuisine and architecture.

Taking Omani Hospitality to New Heights

The Omani food and culture owes much to the geography of the country. Seas to the north and east and deserts to west and south have served to isolate the country from the outside world. At the same time, Oman’s presence on the Indian Ocean has fostered a long maritime tradition which has enriched the culture through the settlement of many Baluchis, the Indo-Iranian people of Baluchistan, Lawatia, the Indo – Iraqi, along the northern coast and the interaction with East African cultures.

With this diverse culture, Omanis have became renowned for their art of hospitality and cuisine.

Ubhar’s menu has been developed to bring the best blends of Omani, middle eastern and western cuisines.

Opening Hours and Location

Opening Hours
Lunch 12:30 AM - 03:30 PM
Dinner 06:30 PM - 11:00 PM
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