Salon Ubhar talks about balancing Mind and Body

Ubhar restaurant held the second event of the Salon Ubhar series with the support of National Bank of Oman on 28th March 2011. The objective of the Salon events is to discuss diverse artistic and cultural interests of an Omani community. The calendar has been set out to include eight salon events that started on Monday, 31st January 2011.

The second Salon was led by Rajive Ahuja a Volunteer with the Art of Living International, a humanitarian and self-developmental NGO, and has been on their teaching faculty for the last ten years. As a leader, in his own right, Rajive initiated the discussion on the topic of Balancing Mind and Body. After a brief introduction, the audience joined group discussions through various mind conundrums to inspire discussions on many topics and the audience were encouraged to join discussion groups and exchange thoughts on the topics.

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